How To Develop a Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset basically means that you understand and acknowledge that your brain can change. What you believe and practice today may be completely different in a year’s time.

It is important for one to focus on cultivating a growth mindset. This ensures that they can go through life knowing that they can change their current situation.

There are a few ways one can develop a growth mindset

1. Acceptance

You should come to terms with the fact that you need to change and you deserve to live your best life. Take time to look at your life and see what lessons you can draw from your past experiences. Take into account all your failures and fears and allow yourself to grow and learn from them.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset2. Evaluate yourself

Take time and get to know what you want to do and where you want your life to be. This is because when you go out there or browse the internet, you could be carried away by other people’s lives. Getting yourself in such a predicament may leave you feeling frustrated and start following the footsteps of others.

Find out what are your passions, how you can develop them and how you can use your platform to change and touch someone’s life. This will give you so much fulfillment and will lead to the growth you deserve.

3. Develop an action plan

Now that you know what you want to do, take pen to paper and write it all down. Strive to be as specific as possible and give a timeline for your goals. Once you have done that determine what exactly it is you need to do.

If you are planning to invest in your personal development, you could invest your time in reading books and listening to podcasts. Set the time you plan to be taking action towards your end goal and be consistent.

4. Challenge yourself

As we all know challenging yourself will help you grow and get out of your comfort zone. Commit to learning new things that you would normally not bother with. Take some time out of your day and get some private singing lessons or even start training for a marathon. Just do something that makes you a little bit uncomfortable but helps you learn and acquire the skills and discipline needed to keep growing.

5. Grow your network

“Your network determines your net worth” always remember this. Make sincere efforts to get out and get to know different people. Put yourself among successful and like-minded people and be sure to socialize with them.

Actively search for conferences and any other events where the ideal group of people you want to keep would spend time. Build your confidence slowly by approaching one person at a time, and you will have taken a step in the right direction.

6. Get a mentor

Having someone you can look up to or consult when you need help is very important. It could be someone close to you may be a family member, your boss or you could just follow someone you admire and can learn from on the internet.

Just be specific on what kind of guidance you are looking for and get someone who is already where you aspire to be. Learn and apply all you need to grow and develop yourself.

Benefits of Having a Growth Mindset

  • Improves your self-esteem

Having a growth mindset, helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have acknowledged all your good sides and bad sides, you will be in a position to stand up to any and all criticism thrown your way. This will improve your self-esteem by showing you that you can easily fit in despite your weaknesses.

  • Lowers the risk of depression

Aspiring singers should think positiveDepression is often associated with failure and the search for perfection. For people with a fixed mindset when things don’t go their way, they tend to spiral into a state of depression and anxiety. This leads to further issues because they cannot get up and find solutions to fix their problem.

However, if you have a growth mindset, you have room for disappointment and can easily regroup and find solutions to solve your predicament. This will keep you from getting depressed and anxious over simple issues that you can easily solve.

  • Helps you get different perspectives in a situation

When you are faced with difficult situations that tend to destroy what you are trying to build or have already built it is important to look at things differently. Try to analyze the case and the circumstances that have led to your current predicament. Get what you can learn from this experience and see what you can do to get better results in your future ventures.

Some of the unexpected things that happen often lead to some benefit to the one who has been affected. They either get to realize that they were on the wrong path and change or they learn and come up stronger and better.

  • Helps improve relationships

Relationships are different from one couple to the other. For those with a fixed mindset, they believe that a relationship should be a certain way. They do not acknowledge their partner’s faults because they don’t want any fights in their relationship. They would rather be put on a pedestal and praised for all the good things and go about life in pretense.

However, for the growth mindset, couples acknowledge that they may have faults and discuss how they can improve. Challenging your partner will help them grow and become even better. This is what leads to the growth and closeness witnessed in most relationships. They are not afraid to point out their mistakes and resolve them.

Having a growth mindset also helps improve the relationship between your employees and customers. As a CEO of a certain company, there are a few things that you have had to follow and abide by to get your company up and to run. This thoughts and beliefs may get outdated with time, and you need to adopt new strategies. Having a fixed mindset will keep you in your old ways and prevent any changes and development. While having a growth mindset will help you develop and change with the times. This will also put you in a position of listening to the plight of your workers and even the market demand. Getting feedback from your customers and applying it will skyrocket your company’s performance for the long haul.

A growth mindset plays a significant role in every part of our lives and allowing ourselves to develop it will be of great reward. Take your time and do this for your sake and those around you.