Importance of Zinc in Weight Loss & Building Muscles

Are you looking for different ways to reduce those unwanted bulky portions of your body? Diet planning, exercises, walks, yoga… Are all these in your list but still lacking desired results? Wait a minute. You are not standing alone in this queue. Today, around 8 out of 10 people come in the category of overweight or obese and are trying hard to reduce some weight. But do you know hardly 3 to 4 are able to achieve the goal! Yes, that’s true.

As a result, people start facing emotional health issues, which gain them additional weight. Sometimes, moving out of the track and adopting unhealthy weight loss tricks also leads to serious health issues.

So, have you ever given a thought why this is happening? Why are your efforts not showing up? The answer is right here, Zinc. The lack of required amount of zinc in the body can also be a big hurdle in losing weight. The intake of zinc helps in boosting weight loss chances.

Sounds strange? Let’s take a detailed view of zinc and weight loss.

Zinc – An Introduction

Zinc is among the essential minerals that hold a vital role in the smooth working of the immune system, building protein in the body, for the maintenance of proper taste sense, effective and quick wound healing, and accurate smelling sense too. Apart from all these, Zinc also works similar to the catalyst for around 300 enzymes and more.

Boosting immunity with zincThe multitude mineral is also helpful in the process of transcription of the DNA. It is a vital nutrient, and the lack of required supply would also hinder the normal growth and development of the body. Zinc boosts quality sleep, and also helps in boosting the ability of the body to consume to calories. This feature of Zinc helps the people looking to build muscles. Again, it also helps in quick recovery when one faces injuries during hard workouts.

Too many benefits right! So, what do you think would be an appropriate intake of zinc on a daily basis to obtain all these benefits? Any idea? Well, according to the doctors or health practitioners, around 2 – 4 grams of zinc is the normal requirement of the body.

When you have this much of zinc daily, it would primarily benefit your brain, bones, liver, muscles, eyes, prostate gland and lastly the kidneys too. The best medium to obtain this multi-purpose nutrient is to increase the intake of zinc through ingredients like shellfish, nuts, dairy products, eggs, poultry, fish, meat, legumes, etc.

Zinc and Weight Loss & Gain – What’s the connection?

As mentioned above, zinc comes with a great impact on every part of the body and its functions. Hence, the nutrient has a deep impact on the body muscles and weight too. Let’s take the concept in more detail to understand the connection properly.

  • Thyroid functioning

We all are aware of the impact on thyroid on the body. Around 6 out of 10 people having thyroid complain of a sudden increase in weight leading to obesity. This can also happen due to lack of required amount of zinc in the body. The deficiency of zinc in the body would hinder the functioning of thyroid in the body.

As a result, a fall down is observed in the secretion levels of the thyroid hormones. This gives a negative impact on the proper metabolism process along with the metabolic rate. Henceforth, when zinc levels are not maintained in the body, it would come with an impact on the thyroid functioning which reduces the metabolism that in turn makes burning fat harder.

  • Muscular strength

Have you ever talked to any athlete about the secret behind his muscular strength? Don’t panic if your answer is no. We would reveal the secret here. The answer is again the same, Zinc. The lack of required zinc levels in men or athletes leads to a reduction in the testosterone which is much essential hormone for the proper development and maintenance of the muscles.

Zinc also helps in building musclesThe reduction in the zinc levels would have a declining impact on the performance, endurance, and the muscles strength too. In the case of the athletes, the chances of hypozincemia are too high as they reduce the zinc levels in the body with sweating. Hence, lack of zinc is surely going to lead you to disasters when planning for weight loss.

Hence, be it an athlete or a common human being, zinc is much essential for not only maintaining or reducing weight or muscle gain but also various other health benefits related to each other. As the human body is not capable to store zinc in the body, it is to be consumed through daily diets regularly through natural ingredients or additional supplements.

Zinc also helps other vitamins and minerals to function in the body. That means Zinc alone won’t be sufficient for the overall growth and development of the body. Therefore get custom vitamins along with natural sources of Zinc depending on your body needs for the optimum functioning of the body physically and mentally.

Zinc – Side Effects

Yes, when there are potential benefits of any nutrient, there are some side effects too that might appear up when the intake exceeds the required levels. Want to have a look at the possible side effects? Here they are.

  • Consuming high doses of zinc both naturally or through supplements can lead to health issues like cramps, diarrhea, metallic tasting mouth, vomiting, etc.
  • When the intake of supplements exceeds around 100mg every day, it would hinder the copper absorption in the body that would lead to health issues like anemia.
  • Too much amount of zinc in the body can also result in a reduction in the levels of good HDL cholesterol that circulates in the blood, stomach damage and kidney damage too.
  • The required levels of zinc in the body would prevent from the development of tumors in the prostate gland, however, when the intake increases it can also result in prostate cancer or non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate.
  • Are you applying zinc on open wounds? Wait it can lead to conditions like broken skin or irritation resulting into itching, tingling sensations or burning too.

So, are you ready to try to reduce weight and build muscles by introducing zinc into your diet?  See your practitioner first and being your fitness journey.