SEO: How Can Small Businesses Compete with Big Players?

Epic Rocky Moment - Small could fight bigger playersUnderstanding small businesses

It is very common for small businesses to feel intimidated by the big players every time they express interest in entering their respective markets. Though these biggies have huge brand presences that have been around for many years, it is wrong on the part of a small business to assume the weaker position each time a stronger marketing program confronts them.

Put in the right kind of business approach, work ethic and research, and your small business will have every chance for experiencing growth. Truth be told, your small business enjoys a considerable advantage over the giants if you know where to search for appropriate opportunities.

Advantage of the big players

There are some advantages that big business websites have with their SEO, such as:

  • They enjoy immense domain authority.
  • Diverse links in huge numbers visit their websites and bias the search engines to give the content a higher ranking compared to smaller or new sites that lack recognition.
  • The big names are synonymous with being trustworthy, and they have built up their reputation over the years. Many consumers will feel a bias towards buying, liking and trusting these brands as a consequence.
  • They have the financial means that, as a small business, you are unlikely to be in a position to employ. These millions of dollars spent towards marketing efforts will eventually translate to better search rankings.
  • They can invest big whenever something comes up as a major priority. However, the investment will happen only in what they regard as a major priority, thus leaving the ground open elsewhere for the smaller businesses.

Where the small sites enjoy the upper hand

  • You are nimble, taking flash decisions and changing tact when you feel it is necessary without having to wait for approval from the higher authorities. Small teams are capable of getting a great deal of work accomplished in a small time as opposed to the larger teams.
  • You have the freedom of thinking out-of-the-box and letting your creativity go wild. This allows ideas to be executed fast without much interference from a strict hierarchy.
  • Small businesses typically have a better focus on any one aspect of their online marketing efforts. You can turn your attention to the PPC accounts while leaving focus out from SEO for a week or vice versa.
  • You can develop authority on a particular niche that will give you a lot of advantage to exploit in the long run.
  • Though the audience will be small, a small business can build a very strong and positive association with the help of professional New York City’s top SEO expert, thus allowing for faster monetization of goods and services.

Some competing strategies

Here is a look at some of the ways in which a small business can compete with big business in the complicated world of online marketing and SEO.

  • There will always be keywords that big sites will ignore or shy away from targeting

The SEO universe will always have certain keywords that big brands are either unable to target or are choosing to ignore at their own peril owing to PR, legal, or some other issue.

Comparison keywords, editorial keywords, and long-tail keywords usually feature in this list. As a small business, you can exploit these gaps left behind by the big guns and market yourself to anyone who chooses to go online in search of these specific keywords.

  • Target a very specific niche and aim for brand association and authority

Take for example a big business that focuses entirely on organizing travel plans around the world. Your small business in the travel industry can create a niche on areas such as travel destination ranking or focused city-specific itineraries that the big brand cannot use for developing its brand equity.

  • Indirect or hard-to-monetize content is what you should pursue

Mastering the interests of your audicenceBig businesses will focus not only on the keywords but also on the type of content that will allow their customers to make direct purchases, thus pinning down their focus exclusively on the path to conversion.

A small business can look beyond the conversion rate and focus on building authority in their respective niche and with the target customers.

Once that is achieved, they can focus on those content that the big businesses will not look into for their sites. Helpful neighborly tips, guides, and assistance on the niche is something you can consider as the small business owner.

  • Give more value with your content, something the big-brand competitors will find difficult to scale up to

A small business enjoys the position where it can invest considerably in a single piece of content unlike what a big brand would ever want to do. You can look into your niche and decide on a set of keywords that you think will be really important for your business.

The intent you put into this search will make a lot of difference as you set about creating a whole lot of content that caters to varying tastes and target customers. You can build yourself up into a five-star resource center to compete with the three-star resource offered by the big brand sites.

  • Big brands will never invest in one-to-one relationships; this is your big opportunity

Big brands usually go about their job with an attitude of “take it or leave it!” As a small business, you can build on your intent of providing better content with more direct relationships with those with whom your relationships will pay dividends, namely the customers.

While bigger brands have their PR teams handling this, you as a small business can try the direct approach. This will give you more credibility and enhance your authenticity along with the niche appeal. This is one major advantage for small businesses that can amplify their content reach into the stratosphere and make it impossible for your competitors to come anywhere near you.

Big brands and well-established industry names usually have a lot of hierarchy to deal with before an idea gets implemented and executed. All the things that they do have to be done at the scale which is not only time-consuming but also does not allow the same degree of focus. As a small business, these are some of the areas you can exploit to your advantage and become a prominent name in your niche with suitable online marketing and SEO efforts.